Welcome to ChopperHook.xyz/software.
This is a list of the applications I use on every Windows install, most of which replace the terrible Windows default programs.
Software listed here should be free (as in freedom) and open source, if not, I will note this.

Some of these programs will be available on Linux, some I will provide Linux alternatives for. Not everything will be here.

Type Solution Note
Image Viewer
FastStone Image Viewer
Image Editor
GNU Image Manipulation Program
Video Player SMPlayer, VLC or PotPlayer
Text Editor Notepad++ OR Vim Notepadqq is a Notepad++ alternative for Linux.
Web Browser LibreWolf
LibreWolf is the better choice overall, provided you
can properly set it up.

Use Brave if you can't use LibreWolf, but
it has some bad rep: Controversies Reddit

Dissenter is a fork of Brave. It was created to be Brave
but without the controversies.
It hasn't been updated in a while :(
Start Menu OpenShell Windows only
Bandwidth Management
NetLimiter 4 Not open-source.
Pro key available here
Task Manager
ProcessLasso Not open-source.
Crack available here
Video Cutter LosslessCut
Video Transcoder Handbrake
Streaming/Recording Software OBS Studio Can be used for streaming, recording and replay capture.
Good to restore some functionality of NVIDIA drivers
when using NVCleanInstall.
Music Player Winamp
Audio Equaliser Equalizer APO
Archive Manager
7Zip Don't bother with WinRAR, jZip or anything else.
7Zip does it all.
Link Maker Link Shell Extension
Checksum Generator HashCheck
File Explorer Extension QTTabBar QTTabBar adds extra functionality to Windows Explorer.
Torrent Manager qBittorrent
FTP Client WinSCP
Office Suite Libre Office Best FOSS office suite I've used.
PDF Viewer Sumatra PDF
Downloader JDownloader
Uninstaller BC Uninstaller
Communication Element or PowerCord
E-Mail Client MailSpring or Thunderbird

I highly recommend OpenHub, PrivacyTools, Awesome Privacy, as well as Spyware Watchdog to verify each program you use on your main PC. Spyware Watchdog also provides alternatives or fixes for programs which are deemed spyware. It is a good idea to use these programs together to increase the security of your PC, for example, using NetLimiter to disallow network access to a given program.

PrivacyTools can guide you through the setup of some of this software for better privacy. They also have many recommendations in general for privacy respecting providers, programs and operating systems.

If CPU usage is of concern to you, I do not recommend ProcessLasso, NetLimiter or OpenShell. It's not that there is a large performance hit but these programs are just more idle load you won't need. If you see the option to, use the program as a background service to save resources. Some advice, using Windows 10 LTSC or just switching to Linux (Manjaro XFCE maybe?) will noticeably improve your experience on low end hardware.