Welcome to ChopperHook.xyz/browser-tests.
This is a list of websites you can use to test your browser.

Website Note
EFF's "Cover Your Tracks" Project Tests your browser against tracking techniques
which use your browser fingerprint.
Generates a fingerprint unique to your browser.
CreepJS Determines which parts of your browser
fingerprint are "lies"
Brax.me/geo Combines FingerprintJS with a few other tests to
generate a fingerprint for your browser.
See this video for more information.
TorZillaPrint Uses CreepJS and also detects which
parts of the fingerprint are "bypassed".
BrowserLeaks Many tests for various
aspects of browser security and privacy.
DeviceInfo Shows what information can be
collected from your browser
SSL Labs Tests for known vulnerabilities.
DNS Leak Test Test for DNS leaks
Privacy.net's Analyzer A few tests for privacy.
BadSSL Various tests for SSL.
Checks how your browser handles different
SSL types as well as your browsers SSL policies