Welcome to ChopperHook.xyz/applications.
This is a list of the apps I use on my Android device, I try avoid reliance on paid or non-free (as in freedom) services, for example, not using Spotify for music.
Applications listed here should be free (as in freedom) and open source. If not, I will note this.

Type Solution
Email Client Fair Email
Browser Firefox Nightly - Tor Browser
Keyboard FlorisBoard
Online Messaging Signal
YouTube Player YouTube Vanced - NewPipe
Instagram Client Barinsta
Music Player Shuttle
Video Player Nova Video Player
File Manager MiXplorer
App Store FDroid - Aurora Store
Kernel Manager KernelAdiutor

If you would like an anon account for signal, message me on Discord and I can set one up for you for free (Donations are appreciated for this though, even a small donation allows for many anon accounts to be created).
NewPipe by default will use YouTube as its source for videos (which, of course, isn't free), you can switch to a PeerTube instance of your choosing if you'd prefer.
Barinsta is an Instagram client. Instagram is not free.

This list is far from complete, I am always testing different apps to replace the default and/or closed source (spookware) applications.